How to.

Why this mask?

  • Facing the global mask shortage, we need to provide solutions that are responsive, accessible, free, collective, empathetic, disruptive and shareable.

  • By using our world wide web, we can spread solutions quicker than the spread of the virus.

  • This mask aims to protect the wearer’s environment against droplet projections causing the COVID-19 infection. It is a physical barrier, not a respiratory mask.

  • This is an temporary solution until manufactured masks become available again.

  • A disposable mask might reduce the risk of contamination that exists with reusable masks.

  • Agreed, paper is not as comfortable as silk but this mask intends to be a protection for punctual errands. Stay home and stay safe.

  • To fight the global spread, we need to adopt an empathetic mindset towards protecting not only ourselves but protecting others. This is where this mask can help.

  • As an open source solution, feel free to propose improvements.

  • Disclaimer: This paper mask is not a respiratory mask but intends to work as a physical barrier like surgical masks(not filtering, not sealed). This mask should not be hermetically sealed to the face.

    Find here more about how face masks work.



Add an extra layer.

Tape one layer of tissue, paper towel or coffee filter before folding to increase the absorbance and the longevity of the mask.


Adaptable for different sizes.

This mask is trying to be adaptable for different face sizes. Look for the different sizes on the print.


Add a bandage.

Feel free to place a bandage on your nose to improve the comfort while wearing the mask.